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Walker Tape Ultra Hold vloeibare lijm 14 ml

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Walker Tape Ultra Hold™

Acrylic 3-6 Week Hold Waterproof, Walker-Tape Ultra Hold Glue is the leading standard for soft bonds in the wig adhesive market . It is famous for long hold times, and has a clear non-yellowing formula. You can expect some amazing hold times.

Cautions: Flammable

This small size bottle of glue can ship overnight and overseas

Here are some comments we collected for this Glue

1.   Please, please, please, do not use this product without some sort of scalp protectant for your skin and a solvent to safely remove it! This stuff lives up to its name, believe me. It's like super glue. You should lay down some napkins or cloth to protect your counter surface as well in case you spill some. I did a patch test on the back of my hand to make sure it would not irritate my sensitive skin. A brush is provided with the product, but I would prefer one with a finer width of bristles. Along with this product I purchased the Walker Skin Protectant, a roll of supertape and the C-22 Citrus Solvent. It all arrived together, which was great because I wanted to practice before my lace front wig arrived. First, I cleaned the back of my hand with alcohol until the cotton ball was free of debris. I then spread 2 thin layers of protectant, letting the first layer dry before adding the second. When the protectant no longer felt tacky, I applied a thin layer of Ultra Hold. It goes on clear and dries clear. As an experiement, I added a layer of supertape to test the difference in the hold with and without the tape. I needed the solvent to remove the tape and glue. I believe the citrus base helps to remove the glues and soothe your skin. I can only imagine what it will be like to remove the glue and tape while under an attached lace front wig. If you are new to this, as I am, I would suggest you either go to your beautician for assistance or watch some of the instructional videos on YouTube. Type in "how to apply a lace front wig" and all sorts of results pop up. Videos in which the beauty expert applies the products on the model are helpful, but I prefer the ones where the model applies her own products as I will have to do. Overall, I highly recommend this product and the others I mentioned. Again, please do not use this on unprotected skin.

2.   I hope this review helps some of the Ultra Hold users.

I have used this glue for many years, since lace wigs were introduced to us. I prefer the smaller bottle, must less waste, and the alternative to using a brush,(which is not included), is a Q tip, just break off the end, the thinner the line, the more natural the look.

Also, after applying, give it a little more wait time, when it feels really sticky, but does not stick to your finger when touched, say 30 minutes, if you can.

After attaching your unit, do not comb or style immediately, let the glue adhere to the unit, use the back of a comb or your fingertips to smooth.
I have applied my own lace wigs using this technique, and it lasts for weeks, if you want it too.

The price of this little bottle is great, check the other sites. I will definitely be reordering from this company again.

3.   This adhesive has amazing hold! Although I find that it is messy and leaves glue strings all over the place. However after some experimenting I have found out that if you rub gently using a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol that it comes right off! The adhesive stays sticky for a few days and if you get it wet within the first 24 hours it still stic

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